5 Tips for Better and Healthier Skin

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If you don’t have the money or time for intensive skin care processes, there are still ways you can keep your skin healthy.  You can still help make your skin healthy-looking and clear with simple habits, that are cheap and easy. Here are 5 of them…


1. Seek out sun protection.

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Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spot, and a whole slew of other skin problems.  Simple fixes to this are using sunscreen, seeking out shade when you’re going to be under the sun, and make sure to wear protective clothing that can help shade you from the sun.


2. Be gentle with your skin.

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Skin is very sensitive, and there are simple things you can limit to help boost the overall longevity of your skin.  Shaving and washing your skin daily can do a lot of damage to your skin, so limiting shave and avoiding strong cleansers, are really good ways to help your skin out.


3. Drink a lot of water.

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Health wise it seems drinking water is always the answer.  This however is no different when it comes to your skin. Drinking water , hydrates your skin, giving a clean, fresh look.


4. Limit stress.

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Everybody is going to get stressed out at some point, but limiting stress can help tremendously with your skins overall health.  Stress triggers many skin problems like acne. If you can live a lifestyle that helps manage your stress, it can be extremely beneficial towards your skin.

5. Apply moisturizer daily.

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Get a good moisturizer or lotion to apply daily. Your skin’s condition will not improve as fast if you are not taking the steps to aid it in the healing process.  A moisturizer allows for hydration of your skin, and is crucial for clear and healthier skin.


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