#1 Style Hack – Only takes 5 seconds

Beyonce - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds

If Beyonce has any say in this world then the kimono is having a moment.  Good news for anyone that values comfort over EVERYTHING.  This one fashion trick only takes 5 seconds. Literally. Just take a kimono, throw it over whatever you’re wearing, and -BAM!-. Your style is on point.

The kimono is a traditional Japanese straight lined robe that actually means a “thing to wear”. It typically falls to the ground and has a T-shape with long wide sleeves. Most kimonos are worn by women for special occasions. The ideal Japanese kimono is made of silk and has a pattern reflective of the season it’s being worn in. Maple leaves for winter and bright flowers for spring.

An authentic Japanese kimono with belt and accessories can easily exceed 100,000 yen or $8,883. Fortunately, Western designers have taken their own spin on the garment using lighter fabrics and shapes more suitable for everyday life. They’ve gone back to the original meaning of “a thing you wear” and have made the kimono, just that – an affordable, wearable piece that can be worn with almost everything.

Take a look at the current celebs rocking it and our favorite “affordable” kimonos below.

1) Wayyyy out of our price range, but Queen B, Beyonce Knowles, rocked a $22K Gucci Kimono court side at the NBA All-Star Game. Thrown over ripped jeans and a sheer white tee, the kimono instantly pushes her outfit to the A-Game 

beyonce nba all star game 2017 billboard 1548 - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds
Image via Theo Wargo/Getty Images

2) The Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, attended the Met Gala in a custom look by fast-fashion brand, H&M. She added Swarovski crystals and vinyl roses to make her kimono red carpet worthy with just a body suit underneath.

nicki minaj met gala 2017 billboard 1240 - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

3) H&M’s satin kimono is a solid basic and a steal at $24.99

7070ac971bc1e72a27b41f15b3eb7749 best - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds

4) Privacy Please’s vintage-inspired kimono dress has that pop of color you need for spring

ef6d44c2778953c762494aeb621b5433 best - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds

5) Zara is keeping it tropical with this subtle pineapple print thats perfect over shorts

2616499712 2 1 1 - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds

6) The Zara tropical vibes continue with this beauty that works over anything

Tropical Kimono - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds

7) This Zara kimono’s a stunner with its wrap style and rich pattern

Kimono Dress - #1 Style Hack - Only takes 5 seconds


Check out these affordable kimonos! Its an easy way to add instant style to your everyday. There’s a reason why kimonos have stuck around for hundreds of years. 


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